John Wm. Macy's Twice-Baked CheeseCrisps Appetizers

CheeseCrisps Baked SnacksJohn Wm. Macy's CheeseCrisps are the perfect bite-sized gourmet snack cracker. Created as a bar snack for a premiere New York hotel, CheeseCrisps are featured in luxury hotels around the country.

Choose Asiago & Cheddar, Melting Romano, Smoked Jalapeno or Sesame Gruyere CheeseCrisps. With no GMOs, artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives, CheeseCrisps are naturally delicious!

Enjoy CheeseCrisps as a healthy snack or with your favorite beverage. Add toppings for great party appetizers, substitute for crackers or use them as croutons.
Asiago & Cheddar CheeseCrisps
Asiago & Cheddar CheeseCrisps from $ 3.99
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Asiago & Cheddar CheeseCrisps 22-oz Bonus Bag - A
CheeseCrisps 22-oz Bag from $ 11.99
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Chipotle & Cheddar CheeseCrisps
Chipotle & Cheddar CheeseCrisps (formerly Smoked Jalapeno) from $ 3.99
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Melting Romano CheeseCrisps
Melting Romano CheeseCrisps from $ 3.99
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Sesame Gruyère CheeseCrisps
Sesame Gruyère CheeseCrisps from $ 3.99
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Cheddar Rosemary CheeseCrisps
Cheddar Rosemary CheeseCrisps from $ 3.99
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